The BoniLine, 06/12/2009

A quick BoniLine for tonight’s excellent 7-3 win.

Emilio Bonifacio: 4 PA, 0 H, WPA: -.076

Best Performer:
Hanley Ramirez: 5 PA, 3 H, 3 1B, 1 SF, 3 RBI, WPA: .195

Granted, Bonifacio’s line was uneventfully bad, as he had a low leverage index (0.75), bogged down by the extremely low leverage PA after Cody Ross’s grand slam. Still, very characteristic of Bonifacio: 4 PA, 2 groundouts, 2 bunting outs, on bad bunts at that. The BoniLine trudges along…

Tags: Emilio Bonifacio Hanley Ramirez

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