Everyone knows how bad Bonifacio's been

Rob Neyer knows of my plight.

It’s probably been a few weeks since I’ve mentioned this, so here goes again: Bonifacio has been an absolute disaster. Among the 23 third basemen with enough plate appearances to qualify for a batting title (so far), Bonifacio ranks 21st in on-base percentage, 23rd in slugging percentage, and 23rd in OPS. He does have 11 steals … but he’s been caught trying four times and his defensive stats are lousy.

The most painful of his remaining lines:

Every day with Bonifacio in the lineup and Sanchez in the minors is just another day that the Marlins seem to care little about winning.

There isn’t much more that needs to be said, he’s been terrible and the front office has been slow in realizing this. Gaby Sanchez can’t come soon enough to the majors.

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