Joe Girardi wastes my time and everyone else's

This I just had to talk about outside of Fish Bites. I watched yesterday’s exciting 6-5 win for the Marlins on television. It was going smoothly heading into the eigth, with the Marlins up 6-3. Then, Girardi pulled this out and stopped everything.

After Alejandro De Aza(notes) pinch-hit in the pitcher’s spot in the seventh, the Marlins intended to leave him in the game in left field, inserting reliever Leo Nunez(notes) in the No. 1 slot.

But when the eighth started, starter Chris Coghlan — who had been officially removed from the game – ran out to left field. Girardi recognized the mistake, and once Nunez delivered his first pitch, the manager emerged from the dugout to protest.

According to the Daily News, if it is upheld, it’s possible that the game could be restarted from the point of the protest — the top of the eighth with Florida leading, 6-3.

I’m all for protecting your team’s interests, that’s for sure. But this delay took 10 minutes to resolve, and from what I saw it was a matter of utter simplicity. From what I could tell, Girardi and the Yankees felt De Aza should have been out there for the first pitch. That’s fine, because a double switch had indeed occurred, and as Jeff Conine pointed out on the post-game show, it was apparently a miscommunication between manager Fredi Gonzalez and bench coach Carlos Tosca that put Coghlan back in the outfield. So it seems simple enough that De Aza would come back in the game, and we would move on. But a pitch had already been thrown with De Aza not on the field, so the Marlins had to make another substitution to represent that De Aza was “correctly” not on the field for the first pitch, hence bringing in Jeremy Hermida.

That’s where the situation should have ended. But it seemed as if Girardi was clamoring for either the pitch to be redone or for Leo Nunez to come out of the game. The former option is small, but ridiculous; why argue ten minutes for something so minute? The latter option is ludicrous, as Nunez was already involved in an apparent double switch prior to him coming out, so there would be no need for him to be susbtituted. Why did this affair take ten minutes at all?

For Girardi to maybe cause this game to be replayed would be an absurd waste of time for us all. The percentage chance of winning at the start of the eighth for the Marlins was 95%, meaning the Yankees would be blowing an off-day or an afternoon before a night game throwing out two other relievers to try and win a game that they have a 5% chance of winning based on the current game state. Not to mention he’d be wasting the Marlins’ time in a similar fashion. Why bother? It’s not for the rules certainly; had they won miraculously last night, not a peep would be heard of this situation. It’s not likely to come through because there really wasn’t all that much to complain about, but the mere fact that it could doesn’t sit well with me, and I’m sure it doesnt sit well with Fredi and the Marlins brass.

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