Neyer helping Marlins fans to oust Bonifacio

Rob Neyer to the rescue…hopefully.

All that said, though — and I hate to keep harping on this, but the Marlins leave me no choice — the real problem isn’t in the outfield; it’s at third base, where Emilio Bonifacio just keeps sucking up plate appearances, game after game after game after game.

Which Marlin has the lowest on-base percentage? Emilio Bonifacio.

Which Marlin has the lowest slugging percentage? Emilio Bonifacio.

Which Marlin has the most plate appearances? Emilio Bonifacio. Naturally.

And you know what the kicker is? He’s not even a good third baseman.

If Marlins management were a doctor, the fans could sue for malpractice. I love an underdog, but any team that believes Emilio Bonifacio is an every-day third baseman simply doesn’t deserve to win.

I love Neyer’s work, and he’s been as vocal as anyone I’ve seen outside of the Marlins community for the ousting of Emilio Bonifacio. I still don’t understand what the big stigma or fear is for moving Chris Coghlan, a career infielder in college and the minors, back to a more natural position over a guy who sports a sub-.200 OBP.

I used to love speed in baseball in my old days as a more casual fan. But the more I see guys like Bonifacio and Willy Taveras and Michael Bourn suck up plate appearances doing nothing but running out weak ground balls, it makes me mad to think that managers insist that they be at the top of the lineup. It happens every time, and it’s killing teams like the Marlins, Reds, and Astros. Reds fans, I feel your pain.

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