The BoniLine, 06/28/09

Sorry for the missing pieces from last night. I promise to keep working, but as my school begins once again I’ll have a little less time to post as the week goes on. Still, for today’s debacle, I’ll talk. Here’s the BoniLine:

Best Performer:
Emilio Bonifacio: 4 PA, 1 H, 1B, 1 BB, 1 R, 1 SB, WPA: .60

Bonifacio actually didn’t score as the best performer, as Wes Helms received that honor for flagging a bases loaded walk in the ninth inning of today’s game. I don’t buy that as a legitimate top performance, and Bonifacio seemed to have the best day of all the guys out there.

We’ll be going to WPA/LI (Win Probability Added/Leverage Index) for the BoniLine from now on. It seems easy enough to calculate quickly and gives you a better idea of pure performance.

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