Carpooling Fish!

This story was just too good to pass up:

The past couple of days, Matt Lindstrom has been taking Scott Olsen to the ballpark.

The reason is simple. Lindstrom, the Marlins closer who is on the disabled list, is living in the condo owned by Olsen in Aventura.

…Olsen, who didn’t rent a car during the series, was unaware that Lindstrom was already at the stadium. He was starting that night for the Nationals. He called Lindstrom and said, “Dude, where are you?”

“I’m on a rehab schedule,” Lindstrom said. “My schedule is different than his.”

Olsen ended up calling Ricky Nolasco, who ironically was pitching against him for Florida. Nolasco lives close by, so he drove Olsen to the stadium. Olsen and Nolasco are very close friends, and they rode together for a game where they faced each other.

I quoted the important parts of the story. Good for everyone involved to be as gracious as opponents as they were as teammates. And the irony of having Ricky get Scotty to the park only to have to face him that evening (and beat him despite a good outing by Olsen) was excellent. By the way, congratulations on the decent start, Scotty. On the Marlins’ side, we’d love to see you pitch that well consistently the rest of the way.

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