One more for the Final Vote?

Fredi Gonzalez thinks Cody Ross should be All-Starring:

Prior to the opener of the Marlins’ series against the San Francisco Giants, manager Fredi Gonzalez was trying to figure out a scenario that would allow Cody Ross to make the National League All-Star team. His dreaming was for naught as the squad was announced Sunday (sans Ross’ name), because the NL outfielders selected remain healthy enough to play.

The Final Vote candidates for the National League are tough. Here are their wOBA’s and WAR’s for the season compared with Cody:

Christian Guzman (Nationals): .320 wOBA, 0.7 WAR
Matt Kemp (Dodgers): .381 wOBA, 3.9 WAR
Mark Reynolds (Diamondbacks): .385 wOBA, 2.3 WAR
Pablo Sandoval (Giants): .397 wOBA, 2.7 WAR
Shane Victorino (Phillies): .368 wOBA, 1.7 WAR
Cody Ross (Marlins): .364 wOBA, 1.6 WAR

Ross is certainly more deserving than Guzman of a nod (2.3% BB% for Guzman? What the hell is that?), but it’s clear it should go to either Kemp or Sandoval for my money. As good as Kemp has been, I’d rather see Kung Fu Panda, if only for his nickname. That guy is going to be fun to watch for years, Giants fans.

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  • Charlie

    Sandoval is a beast. Guzman, ehhh. Kemp, maybe. Renynolds is gonna lead the league in strikeouts again and may break his own record. Thats a NO Effing way in my book. Victorino is a product of the ballpark IMO so no there also. That leaves Cody vs Kung Fu Panda. While I am a homer I can’t be that big of one. Sandoval should be there no question.

  • michaeljong


    Strikeouts are no different than any other outs, and are actually preferable over the long haul than groundouts thanks to the potential of a double play. Reynolds has played very well, as evidenced by his wOBA and Wins above Replacement. You can’t totally say no to someone who performs that well offensively and isn’t a defensive sieve.

  • Charlie

    I guess I just have a problem with players of the all or nothing mentality. Not the way I was taught how to play the game. In this era I have seen more max effort 2 strike swings then any other I can remember. Needless to say I’m not happy seeing kids doing the same. Choke up on the bat already!!! I’m an NL guy through and through. Small ball, moving runners over, sac bunts, hit and runs, squeeze plays, stolen bases, double switches, etc. I guess its just a sign of the times. Oh and 13 errors and a .962 fielding percentage would qualify as a defensive liability IMO. Brooks Robinson he is not.

  • michaeljong


    So far Reynolds has been a -1 run defender at third base in 538 innings this season (as calculated by UZR). Also, career he is 6 runs below average 2669 innings, not good, but certainly not bad. He’s a bit below league average, which is more than made up for by his hitting (.258/.347/.544 is very good), at least so far this season. All in all,he’s been a league average player two years in a row, and he’s looked better this season. I would love to have that at the hot corner over what we’ve got now.