The Maniac on SNY.TV's NY Baseball Today

Here’s my short interview about the Marlins on NY Baseball Today. I kind of gave the generic responses due to a big restriction on time (they only have two minutes for each New York team), but you get to hear my voice! I’m two minutes into the show, as the first half of the program is on the New York Yankees’ matchup versus the Texas Rangers. By the way, if you’re interested, the Rangers blogger they picked for interview, Adam Morris of Lone Star Ball, is very good. The site is among the best Rangers blogs on the web, so if you’re interested in the Rangers, check out their stuff.

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  • Miami Sports Generation

    Congratulations! Great commentary, it was a bit generic, but time constraints is a valid reason for that. Best of luck to you in future interviews, appearances, etc.

  • michaeljong

    Thanks guys. I wanted to go more in depth, but it was tough, and as you saw, I was a bit nervous; it was my first time being interviewed live and on air. It was exciting and fun though, and again thanks to all the guys at Miami Sports Generation, particularly David and Anthony, for the support you guys gave me early.

  • Stan Makowski

    Some time ago in critizing the M’s manager, I mentioned how some Marlin batters don’t run at top speed out of the box and then are thrown out at 2B trying to make the hit a double. I hope you saw Uggla do exactly that last night. If you were watching the NY TV broadcast, you heard Keith Hernandez get all over him for it. In fairness to Uggla, whose faults have never before included a lack of hustle, I’ve never seen him do this before. Hanley and Hermida are the usual culprits. However, I blame the manager for not correcting this long ago!!!

  • michaeljong


    I remember that email, and it did come to my mind when I heard Uggla get caught at second. However, I’ll point you to an earlier piece about the Marlins’ situational baserunning on my site. I’ll also try to put some linear weights runs on there for easy access. Check out the analysis section, it should be on there.

  • Miami Sports Generation

    Speaking of baserunning and lacking hustle,is it just me or does Hanley Ramirez cruise through most games? I don’t see the intensity from him in many games. Unlike the stars of the other South Florida sports teams, he is find of mellow when you watch him. I wish Fredi would knock some attitude into these guys and make them seem like they are fighting for a playoff spot.

  • michaeljong

    I have noticed Hanley’s backswing seems to hinder his trip out of the box, but I don’t think it’s hurting him that badly. With his speed, he can leg a double even if he dogs it out of the box a bit (and I don’t think he does it all that often).

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  • Nick