The 2009 Fans Scouting Report

Guys, Tom Tango needs your help! If you’ve watched enough Marlins games, either live or on the tele, please send in a scouting evaluation of the players we have on defense. It’ll help get the Marlins some recognition and some insight on the team’s defense. Early reports have really bad defense going on, but if you didn’t see that with your eyes, get on the ball and help out the cause.

Show some love for Brett Carroll and not-love for Dan Uggla! Vote as soon as you think you’re ready. And remember, READ THE RULES! It’s very important.

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  • smilinjay

    Not a Freddie fan. Seeing Bonofacio bat leadoff all season killed me to watch. Insanity is continuing with the same lineup and expecting different results. Even Rich and Tommy mentioned how Cody could have been batting higher, especially when Uggla was batting 5th and failing miserably w/RISP. Several times I did not understand while Nick was out that he didn’t start Gabby to give him some AB’s. He gets called up, rides the pine and gets infrequent PH assignments. I liked him hitting Uggla in the 2 spot last season. Even better this year with his OB% going up significantly. I was also why he hit Hanley in the 3 spot versus the 4 since he was moving him down in the order this year. As bad a Joe G. as in the past, I’ve liked Freddie even less. I really wonder if he is the one making decisions?

  • michaeljong

    Smilin Jay,

    Yea, I don’t agree with the way Fredi manages either. The batting lineup is just part of it, he’s also somewhat notorious for running his bullpen arms to the ground, though that’s not entirely his fault. It doesn’t help when he doesn’t know who to run out there; he’s not the best judge of quality.

    I think the Bonifacio thing was an organization-wide problem, but I think many of the decisions we’ve seen this year that haven’t been good ones have been Fredi’s. He’s hurting the team with his decisions when he should be trying to not get in the way.