Is Hanley dogging it?

Earlier today, I mentioned how fans need to stop complaining about Hanley Ramirez and his potentially legitimate injury. Apparently, that should include some players as well. Here’s some childish antics:

Each sitting at his locker about 10 feet apart, [Hanley] Ramirez and [Dan] Uggla openly argued in the clubhouse about why Ramirez really exited from Tuesday’s rain-delayed game in the fifth inning. Ramirez departed with cramping in his left hamstring, and he didn’t appreciate the reaction he got from Uggla and others.

“A couple of the guys did like this when I came out,” said Ramirez, throwing his arms up in the air. “I’m not happy with the team.”

Overhearing Ramirez, Uggla chimed in: “I was one of them.”

Addressing the reporter, Ramirez answered: “You got it. Showed me up.”

It goes on, with Dan Uggla spouting some stuff about Ramirez’s contract guaranteeing him and letting him not work to get his money. Read the article, most of the exchange is on there verbatim.

It’s patently ridiculous. If Hanley doesn’t feel healthy enough to play, he shouldn’t. The loss we would take by having him miss two or so weeks on the DL if he injures the hamstring further is far worse than having him miss a game and a half. And for Uggla to consider that Hanley would sit on his league-high batting average by sitting out through his slump is also moronic. As Hanley mentions, there’s no monetary reason for him to sit on stats because he’s already locked up long term and, in case Danny didn’t know, they don’t give out bonuses for batting averages or other numbers outside of plate appearances.

Hanley appears to have a reputation for being a slacker and a bit of an airhead, and maybe he is. But if he honestly feels injured, do you expect him to tough it out for the team and risk further injury? Hamstrings in particular are tricky injuries which can get aggravated and take a good amount of time from which to recover. Danny wants him to risk that for a game or two? It’s nuts. The idea that a player is supposed to “play through the pain” or whatever for his team is silly. If it’s pre-arbitration or arbitration years, there’s most certainly no reason to do something like that, as you’re not even getting paid at market level for your services. After you’ve received a big long-term deal, there’s no reason to do that because it’s in the team’s best interest to keep their investment healthy and it does not hurt you a bit to rest yourself.

Uggla wasn’t particularly happy last year to see Hanley get a long-term deal and not receive one himself. At the time, I wasn’t happy either, but it was definitely the right call. Maybe it got to Uggla, maybe it didn’t. Maybe he honestly has an issue with Hanley’s effort. I don’t know if it’s Uggla’s or anyone else’s call on whether Hanley is injured, unless that “anyone else” is a doctor or trainer. So let’s leave the diagnosing to those people.

Then again, maybe if Hanley doesn’t call out the players in the clubhouse about their reaction, which we did not hear much about other than it being presumably negative, maybe Uggla doesn’t step up and confront Hanley about his opinions. Hanley’s been a bit of a drama queen to the media regarding “things the team has done that he didn’t like,” such as the whole beaning incident in Toronto.

Danny, keep doing what you do best. You’re a tough guy, you’ve got a great bat, let’s use your skills on the field and let Hanley and the doctors and trainers determine whether Hanley is hurt. It isn’t as if this has been a repeating issue like it was with Manny Ramirez in Boston, and honestly, if Hanley continues to play as well as he does, it shouldn’t hurt in the least bit. Oh, and if Hanley could stop complaining to the media every time he doesn’t approve of his teammates’ actions, maybe they won’t get on you about little things like this. In short, everybody stop acting so silly.

H/T Juan C. Rodriguez

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  • Smilin Jay

    Wow, as unhappy as I am about how the team is playing, how the manager is doing his job, I’m absolutely understanding of fans’ reactions. I love seeing the passion of fans. However, I also realize the difficulty in running a club. Droning on about Uggla, attacking Hanley and trashing other players is a great way to vent, but finding solutions is far more complicated. Remember, there’s probably 26 of the other teams that are actively trying to better their clubs also. You cannot have great players at every spot. Spending huge dollars doesn’t guarantee winning either. Look at the Mets and other big spenders. Yankees seem strong this year but outspend everyone and haven’t won a WS since 2000. So, look at it from a financial perspective. You want the Marlins to spend more money? Go to more games. Patronize their advertisers. Pure and simple. Whereas Uggla is not hitting for average and leaving runners on, and his defense is average at best, where do you find another solution? How much do you spend to replace his HR’s and OBP? Can you get any guarantees on the replacement? Plus, how many other clubs are looking for the same player? Locking up Hanley for a longer term was wise on the Marlins part. Great value, still very tradeable should he slip or have attitude problems. Easy to trash the Marlins for trading Willingham. He was hurt early in the season which is why the Marlins were not going to spend $ on him. Are you sure he’d be on the field and productive next year or the year after? Would you like to have Jacob’s strikeouts and .215 batting average for big $. This club while hanging on so long, has done a masterful job of piecing together the base. But, there were no available players that they could afford either in prospects or $ that wanted to come here whom would have been the “key” piece needed. Pitching has been a problem, but hey, who doesn’t have pitching issues? I look at the players they’ve traded or let go and few of them have been outstanding without huge contracts. While far more of those pitchers have pitched worse than their days with the Marlins with large contracts not burdening the Marlins. So close, but we candidly did not have the horses. Who among you really thought they would get to the playoffs this year? Lastly, I do not hold out hope that the new stadium will be our answer. If stadiums were the answer how come the Pirates, Reds, Padres, Astros, Mariners, and others lose perpetually? The question is whether fans will turn out, generate income and then if Loria will spend more, and wisely. That’s the big question I have. It hurts to watch and be a passionate fan and see it slip away. But, we’ve had ROY’s, about to have a batting champion, No Hitters, World Championships and lot’s of memories in 16 years. I’m so happy to have been a fan and had this club to root for. I just ask that fans not be so negative when they are angry. Be fair, be realistic, be passionate, but stop trashing players out of your frustration. P.S. I’d still like to see them move Freddie… Smilin Jay

  • BigBoynBroward

    Well it was nice to get the national media’s attention for a couple of days due to this Hanley/Uggla dispute…..Anybody who’s watched this team this year knows that Hanley doesn’t like to play when he’s less than 100%, and I don’t think he should play if he’s not quite frankly…If you look at the pinch hit he delivered today, he was limping to 1st and around to 2nd (which still makes him 5x as fast as Nick Johnson)….i agree with you Maniac, lose him for 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months? what do we prefer? He should come back when he’s ready…..At the same time, I strangely don’t have a problem with Uggla calling him out…..shake things up a little bit, it’s good that the team still gives a crap when they’re dropping games to a division rival at home…….I would pay to be a fly on the wall when Fredi called Hanley and Dan into his office….lol

  • michaeljong


    I’m very glad to see fans passionate AND reasonable about the Marlins. It’s good to see that the comments here haven’t been the same sort you see on ESPN boards on or JCR’s blog.

    I didn’t like Hanley’s attitude to the media about the affair and the choice of attack Uggla used, but it seems like the two of them have set it aside (at least publicly). If that’s the case, then all the better. And maybe it was a good thing; the team won its two games against Atlanta since. We’ll see if this winning play continues.

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