FanSided iPhone apps are here!

I’ve got a few things to announce, some of them a bit late but still very important. This one is the first.

FanSided, your #1 choice for sports blog networks, has a new iPhone app! That’s right, the Realtime Pro Football ’09 app for your iPhone or iPod Touch is the coolest of new apps available at the iTunes Store. What it’s offering isn’t scores, since so many different apps give you that, but rather real-time info from various sources about the teams of your choice. The app has four sections, covering Teams, Press, Writers, and our favorite over here at FanSided, the Blogs section. This is where FanSided jumps into the iWhatever world. Our network’s extensive array of team blog posts will be sent over to your iPhone/iPod Touch as soon as content is posted on the site. There it will be, organized by team, ready for your reading pleasure. How can you go wrong? And for $1.99? If you’re a real NFL fan, you definitely want to have this app. Go get it today!

Here’s a full-on review of the app on TouchTip, which goes into more detail than I could since I don’t have an iThingy.

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