Dave van Horn: Stop complaining during 5-0 games

I’m sorry, but perhaps Dave van Horn should stop whining when the team is up 5-0. The bases were loaded in the top of the 4th inning, when Hanley Ramirez drove a line drive to right field. Nick Johnson, who was at first base, held halfway to make sure Jeff Francoeur didn’t catch the ball. The ball landed, Francoeur scooped it up, and he gunned Johnson down at second base. van Horn reacted as if the team was down a run or two during the situation.

If it were Hanley at first, I may be a bit angry. But let’s face it, it was Nick Johnson, he of the plodding, constantly injured, overweight, first baseman body. And in right field was Jeff Francoeur, who despite all of his terrible play of offense is still an average outfielder with a great arm. Was anyone really all that surprised? I’ll watch the clip on TV just in case it was more egregious than this description, but I think it’s fairly expected that a plodding baserunner like Johnson wouldn’t make it against a good arm like Francoeur’s. Dave van Horn, please calm down.

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