The Tentative Maniac Schedule

With the season over, I’d had to introduce a lot of series that would be of interest to fans as we move into the offseason. With my other writing workload, it’s become fairly difficult to sit in one day and write something Marlins related off the top of my head. So I decided what I’ll do is make a schedule and stick to it on a weekly basis. Here’s the plan for Marlin Maniac, tentatively.

Monday: Offseason Outlooks

On Monday’s I’ll be doing pieces on the Marlins offseason. It could be in the form of a player profile, like the profiles for Jorge Cantu and Cody Ross have been, or it could be something like the free agent acquisition ideas, or something more in general. Planned for this upcoming Monday: Josh Johnson’s extension and how much the Marlins should be forking out

Tuesday: Offseason Outlooks

Same thing.

Wednesday: Fish Bites

For the middle of the week, I’ll plan to have the week’s link dump. It’ll be your typical Fish Bites, complete with links for the Marlins, along with sabermetrics links and stuff from around FanSided.

Thursday: Revisiting ’03

On Thursdays, I’ll be doing my Revisiting ’03 series, where I look back on the 2003 Florida Marlins. When that one’s over (and I don’t know when that will be), you may see some stuff on the 1997 World Series team, though that one doesn’t resonate as fondly with me as the 2003 team does. Nevertheless, for the next few Thursdays, we’ll be looking back into the past.

Friday: Saber-definitions

Beyond the Box Score colleague Justin Inaz did a player evaluation series in his own blog, Basement Dwellers, and tied t to his team, the Cincinnati Reds. I hope to do a similar sort of deal here, where I describe these saber-concepts briefly and tie them to the Marlins most recent season. This will mostly be done because I am concerned some of the Maniac readers may not be fully versed in wOBA or FIP or WAR or any other acronym commonly stated as a stat. I want to clear the air on these things and show people who may be new to the site or people who are regular readers how to use these things in your own analysis and how to appreciate each of these stats for what they do.

I’ll note that these explanations will be brief and have links to other places that have better descriptions. I’ll also note that you can check out more of that stuff over at my other site, Intro to Sabermetrics 101, as well, if you’re curious.

That’s the tentative schedule folks. Of course, if anything outside of these boundaries comes about, I’ll be posting as well, but being that it’s the World Series and all, Marlins news has been slow. Expect more come offseason.

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