Marlins WAR: Position Players

I figured I’d share this with everyone, even though I don’t think it is all that significant. I recalculated WAR for all the Marlins position players, mostly using data from FanGraphs. To do this, I calculated the wOBA weights according to Tom Tango’s instructions, took them out of the wOBA totals seen on FanGraphs, and park-adjusted and recalculated wRAA for each player. Then I added EqBRR data from Baseball Prospectus and the remaining inputs from FanGraphs. This is not designed to show you anything terribly different, but it does give you a (slightly) better overview than what you would see on FG. Here it is.

Some funny notes about the whole deal.

John Baker and Ronny Paulino ended up with very similar WAR totals based on the numbers alone, despite a good deal difference in playing time. They also had basically the same wOBA.

Jeremy Hermida and Emilio Bonifacio were both slightly under replacement level. Hermida was a bit of a surprise, but after you account for his awful baserunning, it turns out that way. Thanks, you two!

Chris Coghlan ended up at 2.4 WAR, which is pretty good for his playing time. But, as I’ll admit to challenger Erik Manning, he did actually come out worse than St. Louis Cardinals rookie Colby Rasmus when considering Rasmus’ better defense and baserunning. But who cares about that stuff, right?

I’ll be doing two different versions of pitching WAR in a little bit, probably when I’m also low on post ideas as I am today. Enjoy the sheet!

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