FanGraphs' 2010 Fan Projections!

If you check FanGraphs as often as I do, you may have already seen this, but for the uninitiated, check this out. FanGraphs founder David Appelman has set up an awesome feature inspired by Tom Tango’s Fans Scouting Report, called the 2010 Fan Projections! That’s right, similar to the FSR, we the fans will now be able to put our wisdom of the crowds into good use!

The process is simple. Get a FanGraphs account. Once you’re signed up and logged in, click on the “My Projections” link at the top. That should take you to the ballot sheet. Pick a team that you follow the most, select that team in both team fields, and have at it. Each team has all the players and various fields that you can project, both for pitchers and hitters.

I implore all my readers to check it out and make your best guesses at the Marlins! Let’s see if we can beat the best projection systems with our knowledge of Fredi Gonzalez and the team’s management!

Tags: Miami Marlins

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