Josh Johnson to stay a Marlin

This according to Marlins general manager Michael Hill. From Joe Frisaro at

Appearing as a guest on Marlins flagship station 790 The Ticket’s “Hot Stove Show” on Saturday, [GM Michael Hill] was asked if Johnson would be with the team next season.

“Yes, I can say with certainty, yes,” Hill said.

I take that as probably true. Whether I like the idea or not is another story. As Maniac commenter Lane pointed out over the holiday weekend, Keith Law of ESPN think the Marlins could get a major haul from Johnson, in the form of two major-league ready youngsters and two Double-A players. The Marlins would be foolish not to listen to offers of that nature. Also, packaging Johnson with someone like Dan Uggla or Jorge Cantu can improve the package of players coming back.

To say that the Marlins will essentially not be listening to offers for a player they likely won’t control for more than another season is not really a responsible move for the team. The team should do its due diligence and listen to offers, without a guarantee that Johnson will be shipped off.

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  • Moti

    Hey Michael,

    Hope you had a good thanksgiving bro.I am really starting to question what this team is doing in the last few years.Trading for bonifacio,waiting until this offseason to trade Uggla when they should have done it last offseason which would have enabled us to get good pitching in return and maybe sign Bobby Abreu,having Koronka and Taylor make starts(there is no way better options were not available), not exploring trades for Cantu and JJ,and I will even throw in the Miggy trade.

    What have they done right? Find cheap,quality relief pitchers.Even on a 36 mil dollar budget,some of their moves are absurd.Thoughts?

  • Michael Jong


    Clearly the front office has been strapped by the payroll constraint. Moves to improve the team outside of getting young talent have been difficult to accomplish. The biggest issue perhaps is that the Marlins have missed on a few evaluations, particularly the Willingham/Olsen move for Bonifacio and resigning Wes Helms to a two-year deal to do nothing on the bench.

    Still, I think you can credit them for finding cheap talent to fill out an otherwise empty roster. They nabbed Uggla in Rule 5, Cantu and Ross off the scrap heaps, and lucked out into some good performances. Without those three moves, we might be closer to the Nationals than the Braves in terms of winning. And the pitching surplus that they’ve received in trades has weathered us through the last few seasons, though we are still trying to find an identity.

    I came into this blog looking for ways to analyze how well the Marlins’ front office has done in keeping the team afloat with this kind of payroll, but I’ve found it difficult to separate their performance from luck. What if Jose Bautista or Alex Sanchez win their respective position jobs in 2008 and 2006? What if Pokey Reese doesn’t go AWOL? Maybe the Marlins never luck out with Cantu or Ross. Maybe those guys do well. In hindsight, it looks like the team did a great job, but no one has the power of hindsight at the time of the move.

    It’s something friend and reader Nny posted before in another thread. Maybe the team has just been lucky. Hanley’s great, and maybe a few of these moves were scouting-based, but the revelation of Cantu and bullpen luck could easily be considered out of their hands.

  • Moti


    I could not agree more with everything you mentioned. The frustrating part is that the players we acquired from a combination of luck/scouting (Cantu,Uggla) are not going to be used properly in trade talk. It seems to me the team just doesn’t judge the trade value of players very well. You trade players after career years, not after subpar ones. How do you keep Uggla for 2009?! How do you not at least field offers for Cantu after a great 2008? Did they honestly feel he can repeat his performance? It just doesn’t make sense. Alas, all we can do hope the team makes the right decisions down the road.

    • Michael Jong


      For all the talk that the FO does a great job assembling talent, they have not shown that they can turn this talent into a good return the last few years.

      That being said, I was fine with keeping Uggla for ’09, because I felt the team could win that year and that Uggla could repeat a lot of his good 2008. That he had a “down” 2009 (if you count 3 WAR a down season, I suppose) is unfortunate, but not something we could have foreseen.

      In general though, you’re right. It seems the team values its mid-level hitting talent (Cantu, Ross) very highly, without considering other aspects other than affordability. I wonder if the team really looks into surplus value analysis when they do these trades.