Marlins offered Smoak and Feliz for Johnson

You never know about these things when it comes to rumor season, but listen up folks. From T.R. Sullivan of, this doozy of an offer:

The Rangers made a run at Marlins pitcher Josh Johnson. At one point they were willing to trade Justin Smoak and Neftali Feliz. The Marlins weren’t interested in that one.

Hat tip MLBTR.

I don’t know what to say. Neftali Feliz showed that he was legit last year coming out of the bullpen, and if he can develop a third pitch for the major leagues, he should be a monster. Justin Smoak is the Texas Rangers’ best hitting prospect, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him. As of Baseball America’s last top 100 (prior to this season), Smoak was the 23rd highest ranked prospect in baseball, and Feliz was the tenth. The Marlins said NO.

This would be an absurd package for any player. If we added some arbitration eligible and attractive players, we could have gotten the two best prospects in the Rangers system, considered the best in baseball, and a few more fringe players likely. And the Marlins said NO.

It’s all speculation of course, but if this is true, I’d wonder if we passed up a pretty big opportunity.

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  • Anton

    Hey Michael! That really is a tremendous deal. I wonder if Logan can truly play LF (and Sanchez 3B)

    • Michael Jong


      Yes, that would’ve been a ridiculous deal, and if it indeed happened, I don’t know if the Marlins did the right thing to reject it. I’m a little disappointed.

  • Justin

    Oh my god, I want to write about this but I’m already like an hour late for work but the Phillies signed Gload?! Hilarious.

    • Michael Jong


      I just read that. Enjoy your designated pinch-hitter! But hey, he can backup first base too, and it’s not like you have anyon-ohwait.

      I’m really happy this happened.

  • Joe A.

    Wow. If they’re not serious about signing him long term this is the type of deal they need to make.

    • Michael Jong

      Joe A,

      You would think so, right? And yet there’s nothing in the way of a deal as of right now for JJ from the Fish. You hope that the team is indeed serious in signing him long-term, because otherwise rejecting this deal seems preposterous.