Sosnick talks JJ to the media again

Josh Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, is doing some talking again, this time with Joe Capozzi of the Palm Beach Post (h/t MLBTR). Money quote:

“My hope is that he signs a long-term deal and stays in Florida,” [Matt Sosnick] said. “But I would say it’s much more likely that we’ll do a one-year deal this year and he’s playing for somebody else in 2011.”

The article reiterates that, because Johnson is coming off a better season than comparable pitcher Zack Greinke, he should get a better deal at least at four years and $42M. The Marlins apparently went with a three-year, $23M offer as their last deal.

This situation is frustrating from both sides. The Marlins refuse to pony up the extra cash commitments in terms of years and dollars, while Sosnick continues to take pot shots at the organization for not having matched the offer. The Marlins should be more than willing to allow for a vesting fourth-year option, which would be a good middle ground. But at this point it doesn’t seem like Sosnick and Johnson want any middle ground. I don’t think the team will give in, and that makes me a bit disappointed, because Johnson is most certainly worth the money that he would be paid in a four year deal.

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  • Lane

    check out Peter Gammons’ thoughts via Twitter

    “memo to Josh Johnson:get an agent who won’t embarress you for his pitiable self-promotion”

    • Michael Jong


      Totally agree with Gammons here. It’s surprising how much talking this guy has done, especially when the issue is seemingly finished. He’s still yapping.

  • http://marlinmaniac marlinsfishfan75

    Not Gammons, an imposter. Read his other postings.

    • Michael Jong


      Welcome to the comments section at Marlin Maniac. That being said, having read through the comments, it does look like Peter Gammons’ work. Also, he’s got some 7500+ followers and among the people he’s following, there are tons of baseball writers. I’d take it as legit, though we could check the ESPN Twitter feed to find out.

  • Lane

    It is Gammons. He just gives personal opinions on it.

  • JoeA.

    Wow. Very frustrating. His agent seems like a clown. In my opinion they should be shopping him right now. Will he guarantee that JJ will have a year like Greinke did this year? In a superior league?. Your client has a chance to set himself and his family up for life. Sit down and negotiate, and not through the papers either. Hint to Sosnick; Negotiation means you come down a little and they go up a little until you reach a deal that everyone can live with.

    • Michael Jong


      While I agree with you that they should negotiate down a bit perhaps, JJ still could likely command a lot of money in the market. It all depends on what you think his future could be in terms of injury risk versus performance.

      I’d love to see a deal get done. If it isn’t likely, let’s cut ties and get the best value we can. I think it’s as simple as that.

  • geo

    Greinke really wassn’t coming off a worse year than Johnson when he signed his extension; their two seasons were really very very similar, no matter what Sosnick thinks. Check the numbers.

  • Michael Jong


    The years were similar in terms of performance, but Greinke’s season was a bit worse. The 3.52 FIP in 202 innings was worth about 5 wins, while JJ’s season was at more like 5.5. I won’t quibble too much about 0.5 WAR, but it does seem like a decent gap.

    Nevertheless, it seems Sosnick and JJ want a deal comparable to Greinke’s, at around 4/$42M. Reasonable, but not for the Marlins’ taste obviously.