Ricky Nolasco gets a deal done

I have it on good authority from a source close to the Marlins that Ricky Nolasco just wrapped up a deal with the team, thus avoiding arbitration. Details weren’t disclosed, but I wouldn’t doubt it being a one-year offer at around where you’d expect for a second year arbitration pitcher. The source mentions that the deal should be officially announced later today.

UPDATE: As originally reported here, Nolasco has signed, according to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick (H/T MLBTR, whom I outscooped!). According to Crasnick, the deal is a one-year, $3.8M contract, constituting a raise of $1.4M (58% raise).

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  • http://deleted JoeA.

    Glad to see it. I think he will rebound nicely this year. Saw him pitch against the Pirates on July 5 in what might have been the Marlin’s finest pitching performance of the year.

  • Smilin Jay

    As I commented in Sun Sent., Ricky is a great example of how Free Agent signings such as CC & AJ bloat the market for all players, not just top-tier. If CC is worth $21M, then surely Ricky is worth $3.8 comparatively. But, based on what he earned last year, and his unsteady performance for most of the year did he really deserve such a huge raise. The huge payrolls of clubs like the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Red Sox drive the cost of all players up due to the comparisons. This is a huge disadvantage to smaller market clubs. The best example is Joe Mauer. What would one of the 4 clubs above pay for him? Surely Minn. could not afford to come close and will only keep him if he takes a huge hometown discount and he’s one of the rare players whom would probably do that. Yet I’m sure the players union is crapping in their holiday punch at that notion of leaving $ on the table due to the trickle-down effect on all payrolls. MLB needs a hard salary cap and a minimum payroll standard to last and provide pariety.