Josh Johnson Signs Extension, Fans Heads' Explode in Jubilation

The deal is done! The deal is done!

Pitcher Josh Johnson reached an agreement on a four-year, guaranteed $39 million contract that will keep him with the Florida Marlins through 2013. The pitcher confirmed the agreement to Thursday.

“I’m excited,” Johnson said. “It sets up me and my family for life. One of the best parts is knowing where I’m going to be the next four years. I won’t have to hear about any trade rumors or anything like that. I’m happy to be in South Florida.”

The deal will pay Johnson $3.75 million this season, $7.75 million in 2011 and $13.75 million in each of the 2012 and 2013 seasons.

Let’s put this into proper perspective. Zack Greinke signed an extremely similar deal coming off a very similar season and situation as Josh Johnson’s. It’s no surprise that the terms of the contract were as such. Johnson’s yearly salaries look pretty much as expected, with him making a little less than $4M this upcoming season, little less than $8M in the next year, and $14M in the following two seasons. Keep in mind that I had said something along the lines of $4M – $8M – $14M -$15M for the salaries to line up to around $42M. Getting JJ at those prices for those two free agent seasons is an extreme bargain. However, it goes in line with what Matt Sosnick has been saying: Johnson wanted to remain in Florida, and the only thing holding him back was the fourth year. If the money was close to the Greinke contract, a contract that appeared quite team-friendly at the time of the signing, Johnson would likely take it, and in this case he did.

I’ll look and talk about the trade some more tomorrow, but for now, go ahead and post your mind blowing jubilation in response to this awesome signing here. Enjoy Marlins fans, the day has finally come! Huzzah!

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  • Mike Ketchen

    I think the Marlins have to be more then excited for this deal, especially when you consider the no trade clause aspect. They get there ace on a friendly deal and they have all the leverage for the life of it.

  • Michael Jong


    You’re absolutely right regarding the no “no-trade clause.” We saw that as well with the Ramirez extension. The team definitely maintains leverage with the deal. It’s amazing that both players wanted to stay in south Florida at such discounts.

  • Lane

    I’m always amazed in the other direction, Michael… when guys gamble with their careers by NOT taking a $40 million guarantee (when they have come from nothing and earned “only” a few million so far in their career) in hopes of getting $70-80, whatever in free agency. Yes, it seems more often than not it turns out, but I’d be scared that I’d become the next Mark Prior case or something.

    It’s like someone handing you a $40 million winning Lotto ticket for today then saying.. you can take this, or you can wait a year or two and get $75 million… or maybe nothing.

    To me, it takes a lot of balls to say $40m isn’t good enough for me, I’ll gamble I can do better.

    • Michael Jong


      That’s true, but that nothingness is definitely going to have to come out of a Mark Prior like case, and those are pretty rare. It’s rare to see good young starters fall off the map as bad as Prior did, and I’m sure he’s glad he got the guarantees that he received out of college.

      That being said, the way you and I think really isn’t the way players think. Imagine Evan Longoria’s situation before he signed his extension. He figured he was a good player, everyone figured he was a good player. He signed that long term deal and it now appears the Rays have garnered a huge bargain. Sure, he took the money, and that money is valuable to him, but you have to figure some part of him wishes, even now (heading into his third year of that mammoth 9-year deal), that he waited out arbitration at least.

      It’s a tightrope for these guys, trying to maximize their value while potentially avoiding disaster. JJ got a decent deal, but he certainly would have earned more just two years from now. I’m just glad he really wanted to stay in Florida.

  • F Cabrera

    I’m just happy to be keeping key players. The two times the team has been able to maintain a core of key players around we have won the series. There is NEVER a guarantee of another series win, but I think most fans would be happy with a team which competes at a high level. Let’s face it the marlins have been great at scouting talent. I enjoyed last year’s run and feel we can make waves in the NL again. Very happy about this signing and can’t wait to see how Coglan and some of the other young guys come back this year

    • Michael Jong

      F Cabrera,

      First off, thanks for dropping by the comments section at Marlin Maniac, welcome! Secondly, yes I agree. The core for 2003 was special to me as well, and I feel like the team could be close to contention if we can keep some of the key players. We’ll see more in the years to come I hope, but this is definitely the right move for the team.

  • Harrison

    Dear Josh Johnson,

    Thank you for helping us out.


    Seattle Mariners Front Office

    • Michael Jong


      Got your wish, didn’t ya? How’d you like the Felix deal?

  • Justin

    Ha ha, that headline made me spit coffee all over my monitor. Nice work, Michael.

    • Michael Jong


      Thank you good sir, though you usually have me beat on those pun-tastic titles.

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