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In case you missed it, I recently did an interview with Tom and Paul over at, a premium source for MLB news and quick-hit notes. When you get a chance, check out their site, it’s very good work and has got some excellent link dumps around the league along with the news.

Anyway, here’s the interview, in which I discuss Josh Johnson, Dan Uggla, Jorge Cantu, a little Ricky Nolasco, and some stuff on the Marlins’ recent MLB-related troubles. You can check out the version over at their site here.

  • Port

    Hey there Michael I’m port a fellow marlins fan (although i do feel bad about u being a gator, i spose better than a nole) and have just read a few articles today on your blog. A++! I’m just like you, college-age (though I did stop going, enlisting w/ navy within the next month or so) living in miami, and started following in 97. Furthermore, I am officially obsessed with the saber-side of baseball, and feel like I need to catch up so i’m on fangraphs, baseball analysts, the book website, everyday trying to soak up everything i can before I get too old and can’t learn any more, and I love that there’s a blog that does it w/ the marlins, thanks dude! Anywayyyysss, i use google reader, and the posts don’t show up completely on reader, you have to click the link that redirects you to this site to read the rest of the article. Reader says that this is because of the blog and not them, so it’d be great if you could look into that. Keep up the good work anyway chico, I’ll keep reading even if i do have to redirect here and look at that stupid marlins maniac logo everytime

    • Michael Jong


      First off, welcome to Marlin Maniac comments section! Glad to have you here and around the site.

      Second, I’m glad to hear you’re interested in soaking in as much knowledge about sabermetrics as possible. You’ve hit up many of the best sites on the web for learning about our great game. I’d recommend Beyond the Box Score (a place I also write for) and The Hardball Times as well, in addition to the ones you’ve listed.

      As for the reader thing, that’s just something I like to do, to have people click in. It also helps make my front page a little less crowded. I hope it doesn’t interfere in you enjoying the site, and I hope I see you continue to comment on the site as we go on. Again, great to have you on board!