Vote on the Community Playing Time Forecasts

Tom Tango is at it again, putting up this year’s version of the Community Playing Time Forecasts! I implore all of the intelligent Marlins fans who frequent Marlin Maniac to go vote on how much you think each Marlin will play this season. This will be used for the Marcel projection system as playing time, and it’s also another chance to show that fans really know their stuff when it comes to their teams. Go vote now!

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  • Karen

    While there is reason to worry, it’s not exctlay fair to compare this year to previous years until this year is complete. Having said that, while it is a large drop off in ratings, last year saw an even larger change in the shape of an increase. The ratings are still on par w/ the magical season of ’08, and much higher than any years prior I would imagine. It’s not what you’d like to see if you are the Rays, but the season is only half way over, and we are learning what the standard is for a good/mildly entertaining Rays team in Tampa Bay (somewhere around a 3.4-4.0 rating and 20,500 in attendance).