Help the Maniac come up with nicknames for Marlins!

Fellow BtBer and friend of the Maniac Daniel Moroz posted a fun piece on cool nicknames for players. We’re not talking about nicknames like shortening of players’ names, but cool nicknames like Ben Zobrist’s “Zorilla” or Carlos Lee’s “El Caballo.” I understand that many of these nicknames come from blogs and just get popularized, so I figured Marlin Maniac should try and popularize someone.

Here’s what I need from you Maniacs. Name a Marlin and a nickname that has been used for them. Eliminated from consideration is Ronny Paulino’s “Caveman,” since I already knew it. If you can’t remember one, make one up! I’ll collect some of my favorites and put it up on a poll for us Maniacs to vote on and promote (though we should probably promote all of them)! Get on it Maniacs!

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  • scruffyw

    I’ve heard “Volstud” and “Volscrub” tossed around for Volstad before, both of which I particularly like.

  • moneypants

    chris coghlan: cogzilla
    nate robertson: nate-rob

  • Michael Jong

    Great nicknames, Maniacs! Keep them coming. I’m something of a fan of Cogzilla (shortened as Coghz, as I’ve heard it).

  • Isiah

    uggla – “Neckless wonder” / popeye
    Hanley – lazy son of a …

    • Michael Jong


      Thanks for dropping by, and welcome to Marlin Maniac!

      I’ll take Hanley’s play at this level, whether he’s occasionally jogging or not. If he occasionally jogs out a play and is still a 7 WAR player, you won’t see me complaining.

  • Isiah

    btw, great blog, now a must read every day.

    i know his stats are amazing (and he adds several wins), but i’m totally suckered by the fact that it seems that he never gets on base in a big spot after the 6th inning (since his game tying homer sometime last year) unlike Uggla, who always gets on base (many times with a walk).

    and of course, he never seems to try (reminds me of Cabrera refusing to bend down at 3rd base his last season here). it just turns me off. and after the kick and mess up, he doesn’t even seem dejected or say he’s sorry.

    Finally, he really just seems like a jerk. I met uggla, and he is a sweet nice person, who seems thankful for his charmed life. but hanley, he’s too cool for school.

    • Michael Jong


      Thanks for the good word. I try my best.

      Here’s my response to that, and it’s just my opinion: I only care about production from these players. Sure, it’d be nice if they were also good people (and by all accounts, I think Hanley is a good guy, just not the hardest worker), but that’s not what I’m primarily concerned with. The players to me play for my entertainment, and my entertainment comes from them playing well. I’m not putting them on a pedestal and making them a role model for myself.

      That said, if Hanley were not giving it his all and his production was suffering, I’d be peeved too. But if he’s dogging it sometimes and he’s still this productive, I don’t have a problem with it. If he keeps up the production, all the other things are his own problems.

      Again, that’s how I view baseball (and all sports). Your mileage may vary, of course.