Help the Maniac come up with nicknames for Marlins!

Fellow BtBer and friend of the Maniac Daniel Moroz posted a fun piece on cool nicknames for players. We’re not talking about nicknames like shortening of players’ names, but cool nicknames like Ben Zobrist’s “Zorilla” or Carlos Lee’s “El Caballo.” I understand that many of these nicknames come from blogs and just get popularized, so I figured Marlin Maniac should try and popularize someone.

Here’s what I need from you Maniacs. Name a Marlin and a nickname that has been used for them. Eliminated from consideration is Ronny Paulino’s “Caveman,” since I already knew it. If you can’t remember one, make one up! I’ll collect some of my favorites and put it up on a poll for us Maniacs to vote on and promote (though we should probably promote all of them)! Get on it Maniacs!

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