The Impending Stanton Arrival Guide: Introduction

The inevitable is coming. Thanks to a monstrous season in Double-A the likes of which I have personally never seen, Mike Stanton’s arrival has gone from merely possible or likely to imminent. The earliest we could expect to see Stanton is on June 8th against the Philadelphia Phillies. Even though the staff here at Marlin Maniac has suggested in the past that the team should not bring Stanton to the majors this year, we also are not going to ignore this monumental arrival. If Stanton is to arrive, Marlin Maniac will be there to cover it, preparing your for his pending arrival with the Impending Stanton Arrival Guide!

Over the next few days, I’ll be unrolling various different aspects regarding the arrival of the 20-year old to the majors. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about performance expectations. We’ll follow that up with (in no particular order) opinions on development, comps to past Marlins and other players, impact on other players, and what the fans should and should not expect to see. I’m excited to get a chance to see and analyze Stanton once he arrives in the bigs, but we should all be thoroughly prepared for what is in store. The Impending Stanton Arrival Guide should help in that regard. Keep your eyes peeled for this starting tomorrow!

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