Coghlan injury assures status quo

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After the stupid injury suffered two nights ago by Chris Coghlan, any shot of the Marlins trading Dan Uggla or Cody Ross by this upcoming trade deadline. The Fish were probably considering a move of at least Ross (with Uggla increasingly likely to sign a multi-year deal) in order to pick up some returns and save money next season, but the Fish are likely to hold onto him now in order to save face at the major league level. Without Coghlan in the lineup, the Marlins lack outfield depth and will likely need Ross alongside Mike Stanton for the team to remain competitive.

The other interesting bit regarding the Coghlan injury (by the way, he’ll likely be out for the season) is that the Marlins are almost assuredly going to give a trial run to Logan Morrison in left field. Many fans see Morrison as the team’s future left fielder, especially given the way Gaby Sanchez is currently playing. However, Morrison stopped playing left field earlier this season in Triple-A New Orleans and is generally considered mediocre at best at the position. Both MM contributor John Herold and I are quite against moving Morrison to left field, as his defense may very well be worse than -5 runs per season, the difference in positional value between a corner outfielder and a first baseman. Still, with Sanchez playing so well and no other real prospects in the outfield to try out, the Marlins might as well audition Morrison to see if he can handle the outfield in the bigs.

Keep in mind also that the Marlins are still in discussions with other teams for the services of Jorge Cantu. With as much buzz about Cantu’s trade as there is, you have to believe there is a realistic probability that the Fish will deal him before the deadline. Having said that, the team will not be taking serious parts in return, and someone will have to fill third base in the interim. There is a chance the Marlins go with either Sanchez or the dreaded Emilio Bonifacio. Either way, not having Coghlan makes this move more difficult as well.

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  • chase

    i think any trade right now would be a horrible move on the fron offices part just due to the fact that coghlan is likely out the rest of the season! lets hang on to these pieces of the puzzle atleast thru out the rest of the season…maybe if bonifacio drop a bunt a game in the lead off spot hes worth keepin in left field for the time being!

  • aramgh

    I’m all for trading Cantu for anything they can get. If the Rangers are willing to part with a C level prospect for him, the Marlins should do it in a heartbeat. If they can get anybody to take his salary, they should do it and use the savings to maybe sign some over slot or latin america guys (spending savings does seem to be Loria’s thing). As you said responding to a commenter in the post about Uggla, making decisions based on this year doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have a problem with shoving Sanchez over to third for a few months, if for no other reason then to prove he can’t handle the position. Also, Maybin is absolutely destroying the GCL right now, maybe he can come back and help.