Fish Bites

Coming off a good week for the Marlins, let’s discuss some of the best links regarding the Fish from this week.

– The Marlins are thinking a return to a closed stance by Hanley Ramirez will bring back his game and end his season-long slump. If he feels comfortable with it, I guess that’s fine, but you have to make sure you’re not unnecessarily tinkering with a player if he is otherwise doing OK. Sometimes a guy just needs a little more luck, and I think that’s the case with Hanley.

– Speaking of changing stances, Donnie Murphy is talking to hitting coach John Mallee about fixing his April slump. Hopefully that works.

– Jeff Sullivan of Baseball Nation thinks Josh Johnson may be a bit overrated among those who say he’s underrated. More on his argument a bit later.

– You know, Logan Morrison is hurt, but as expected, he is using this injury to be charitable and awesome. LoMo is selling his pinstriped cast on eBay and he’s donating the proceeds to charity.

– Dave and Ted of Marlins Diehards have some opinions on some of the early happenings for the Marlins, including the bullpen, Chris Coghlan in center field, and the early injury problems. An excellent read all around.

– Strip Club with Stanton has another letter to Edwin Rodriguez about his bullshit regarding one-run games. I completely and wholeheartedly endorse SCWS’s letter. Right on, brother.

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