Fish Bites

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for your Fish Bites from the past week.

– Yesterday the news came out that Javier Vazquez was placed on the bereavement list after hearing about a family situation in Puerto Rico. Hopefully everything comes out all right for his family. There’s a part of me that hopes that the Marlins skip one of his starts with the upcoming off day.

– Two articles on FanGraphs recently regarding the Fish. In one, Tommy Rancel discusses what’s wrong with Vazquez, while Eno Sarris discusses what’s right with Anibal Sanchez.

– Speaking of which, here’s an excellent old piece that someone from the above linked Sanchez article brought up about a nice story about Sanchez recovering from the death of his child.

– Speaking of older links, here’s one I missed from last week: a wonderful post on Big League Stew by John Baker regarding his love of baseball and his return from Tommy John surgery. Get well soon, Bake.

– Strip Club With Stanton has two messages for you this week: Vazquez is having a hard time reading and, like Anibal Sanchez, eat your pancakes and pitch shutouts.

– By the way, go buy SCwS shirts. I love the blue Gaby Sanchez Batman shirt myself.

– Did you hear that former Marlin center fielder Devon White is actually Devon Whyte? Odd.

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