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Fish Bites

A quick edition of Fish Bites for your late Wednesday morning. Enjoy your Florida Marlins links for the week.

- Josh Johnson is on the DL, but he may resume throwing today if all goes according to plan.

- Grant Frisbee of SBNation’s Baseball Nation and of McCovey Chronicles discusses how the Marlins are winning on a budget as usual and what he’d like to see in a Moneyball-style Fishyball book. Yes, he knows it’s a bad title. Yes, I may consider writing such a thing in the future. Someone get me access to Michael Hill!

- Speaking of Grant’s stuff, Craig of Fish Stripes thought what he said about our announcers in his annoyance Power Rankings was not cool. Craig actually likes Rich and Tommy, which I find hard to believe because I can’t stand Tommy Hutton. Can’t. Stand. Him.

- Tyler Kepner of the New York Times’s Bats blog reflects on two injuries via celebration: one by Chris Coghlan, whose recovery has been successful, and one by Kendry Morales, who will miss 2011 with a second ankle operation due to his walk-off celebration.

- Dave over at Marlins Diehards chronicles all of Leo Nunez‘s Alfonseca Saves. As a long-time Marlins fan who remembers the days of Antonio Alfonseca, I know exactly what they’re talking about. From the official Diehards glossary:

Alfonseca Save (n.): recorded when a pitcher enters the game at the start of an inning in a save situation, allows multiple runners on base and/or gives up runs, but still manages to record a save. Pioneered by the twelve-fingered Antonio Alfonseca, whose tenure with the Marlins (1997-2001) featured many such saves.

And, as Ted later mentions, we’ll take the Alfonseca Save over the Greggorian.

Greggorian (adj.): referring to a blown save that happens so quickly that the viewer cannot even comprehend what happened. Named after former closer Kevin Gregg.

Classic stuff.

- Strip Club with Stanton wrapped up the weekend, but really, the best part about the wrap is the link to this T-shirt regarding Omar Infante. Seriously, SCwS makes the best shirts; support the guy and buy something, will ya? Also, ladies and gentlemen, Omar Infante!

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