Mike Stanton Homerfest

I’ll just dedicate this post to Mike Stanton and his awesomeness of hitting home runs.

First, here’s a preview of something we will see a ton of in the near future:

Stanton swings at new park

Next, we’ll see if Dodger Stadium stands a chance against Stanton:

Stanton hits a ball out of Dodger Stadium

Watch this ball fly!!

Unfortunately, don’t have the video of Stanton’s 500-foot shot homer in the minors last season, but here’s Dan Meyer talking about it.

Dan Meyer describes Mike Stanton’s 500-ft home run

Mike Stanton hits 3rd longest homer of MLB season

Anybody up for a game winning grandslam in the 10th inning?



Stanton Guns down Berkman

Stanton diving catch

Stanton Guns down Reyes

What a great way to start your week off with. Now if you’d like to see some Boobies and Mike Stanton, head over to Strip Club With Stanton. Did I mention, he has a shot of Cody Ross grabbing his crotch.

Update:Mike Stanton now has 30 homers on the season. Second 21-year old Marlin to accomplish that, the other was of course Miguel Cabrera.





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