Marlins are on TV. No, not like you think.

Recently, I was watching the Marlins lose both games of a double header against the New York Mets.  After polishing off the last bottle of Vodka I had in the cabinet I decided to spare myself more agony and so I removed the spoon out of my ass (see my previous post for an explanation) and I fired up the Xbox 360 to see what was on Netflix.  While I get my money’s worth out of the MLB Extra Innings package on DirectTV during baseball season; at the same time, the DVR fills up with the new episodes of Eureka, Burn Notice, True Blood, and Warehouse 13 (Don’t Judge!), and also our Netflix subscription goes neglected and unused like a redheaded stepchild.  I opted to see what was on Netflix since I really didn’t feel like watching something I actually wanted to pay attention to while slightly inebriated.

So I’m scrolling through the new TV shows in the Netflix streaming queue and I notice a particular show from the early 1990s that I was never able to watch when it originally aired.  This particular show premiered in September of 1993.  Some of you may recognize the show, “SeaQuest DSV.”  The DSV stands for Deep Submergence Vehicle (I know you were wondering).  I never saw the show before but always wanted to see what it was all about and so I started with the pilot episode titled, “To Be Or Not To Be.”  This show stars Mr. “I think we are going to need a bigger boat” himself, Roy Scheider.  Instead of being a cop who hunts Great White Sharks, he is the captain of a super-massive submarine named SeaQuest (Surprise!).  Anyway, the show is basically Star Trek, only it takes place under water.

The interesting thing about this particular episode of this show was that about one-third of the way through we are introduced to a cocky computer nerd named Lucas Wolenczak (don’t ask me to pronounce that) played by the late Jonathan Brandis (teen heart throb who hung himself in 2003).  While normally I wouldn’t care about some computer nerd on board a massive submarine with glowing orbs that rotate around it (WTF?) what did catch my eye was the fact that Lucas was wearing a Marlins jersey.

Kids in the future have impeccable fashion sense (minus the hat of course)

This show apparently took place sometime in the near future so when I saw that on the back of Lucas’ jersey was written World Series Champions 2010 I nearly sh*t a brick and beat myself with it (thanks for killing my buzz Jonathan).


So apparently the Marlins won the World Series last year and also never changed their uniforms.  I do so miss the teal pinstripes.


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