Reality Check

Every offseason fans of every team get caught up in rumors about their team. Some times these rumors have legs and sometimes they are just what they are, nothing but rumors. Today I want to address something I have been reading the past few weeks and is starting to really bother me.

I have been reading all over the internet about Florida Marlins fans thinking that the Marlins can acquire Justin Upton from the Arizona Diamondbacks this offseason. Justin Upton has put up strong MVP numbers this season and is signed at a very reasonable contract for the next few seasons. The Diamondbacks are in the playoffs right now and look to have a very bright future. Them trading Upton would be borderline idiotic at this point. He is their best player and signed to a team-friendly contract.

The second thing that has been concerning me about this rumor is that Marlins fans seem to believe that Gaby Sanchez for Justin Upton would be a proposal that the Diamondbacks would even think about. Let’s get real. I am sick of this crap about hearing how Gaby Sanchez is a solid player because he is an All-Star. Let’s be honest, the only reason Gaby was an all-star was because every team gets at least one all-star.

Today I’d like to compare Sanchez’s stats to Upton’s and let Marlins fans get a reality check.

Gaby Sanchez 661 .266 .352 .427 .342 3.0
Justin Upton 674 .289 .369 .529 .385 6.4

Justin Upton’s been the clear cut better player across the board in all the hitting statistics. Not only that, Upton has Sanchez beat in fielding statistics (although I admit, I am not comparing apples and apples here), as well as baserunning.

Here’s a look at both’s career numbers to even further prove Upton’s superiority to Sanchez’s:

Gaby Sanchez 1173 .269 .346 .440 .345 5.5
Justin Upton 2402 .277 .357 .487 .364 14.6

To be honest, if the Marlins were interested in adding an Upton, Gaby Sanchez wouldn’t even be fair value for the Marlins to acquire B.J. Upton from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Another aspect Marlins fans seem to be overlooking when it comes to acquiring Justin Upton is that he’s a right fielder, as is Mike Stanton. Neither player has much experience playing center field in the majors. In fact, Mike Stanton has played exactly one more inning in center then Upton. The Marlins already have a below average left fielder in Logan Morrison. The possibility could arise that the Marlins move him to first by trading Gaby. However, it seems like the Marlins are more intent on adding another first basemen this off-season then moving LoMo to first.

I am personally a huge fan of Justin Upton’s, but the reality is that the Marlins aren’t going to acquire him for two reasons.

  1. The Marlins don’t have enough to even have the Diamondbacks look in the Marlins direction,
  2. Adding Justin Upton makes no sense for the Fish unless they make some personal moves.

Truthfully, those Marlins fans dreaming of the Marlins adding C.C. Sabathia, Prince Fielder, or Albert Pujols are being more realistic in my opinion.

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