Rumors and Stuff.

Being new to the whole sports writer thing, I recently realized that I probably used a good amount of my writing ideas during the season where instead I  should have saved some of those ideas so that I would have something interesting to talk about during the off season.  That and for the first time in months, nothing noteworthy really came out of Miami, at least not in regards to the Marlins anyway.  So, as a result, I was on a little writing vacation last week so for those of you who have been missing my undeniably entertaining wit, I apologize.

The World Series is wrapping up in the next two days (weather permitting) and it is good to see it go past a game 5, something the World Series has not done since the Marlins and Yankees played a game 6, in 2003.  Honestly, I’m hoping for a Texas Rangers victory.  I figure that whenever the Marlins are not in it I always prefer to see the team win it that either has never won it at all, has not won it in a long time, or is not located in Atlanta, Philadelphia, or New York.  I would rather have a root canal while being forced to listen to Kenny G music than go through another Phillies vs Yankees or Braves vs Yankees World Series.

On the Marlins rumor front I hear rumblings about the possibility that the fish are looking to trade for Tampa Bay Rays ace James Shields.  I like the good mojo that bringing “Big Game James” to Miami would generate but I’m not sure I’m willing to see the fish part ways with fan favorite Logan Morrison in order to get the deal done.  I’m on the fence on this one.  On one hand, we would be getting a dominant right handed pitcher with proven post-season experience, and on the other hand, we would be losing a great personality (even with his run-ins with upper management) and a great bat in Morrison.

Another rumor I’m hearing and much more intrigued about is the possibility of signing free agent short stop Jose Reyes.  Reyes is fast, and speed is not something the Marlins have really had an over abundance of since the Juan Pierre days.  Assuming, of course, that the Marlins fork out the cash for Reyes, new Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen has stated that he is not opposed to moving Hanley Ramirez from his perch at short stop either so this would be an interesting situation should it come to pass.

One thing is for damn sure, this off season is shaping up to be an interesting one for the fish.  I’m hoping this winter will rival the winter they had back in 1996, where then-owner Wayne Huizenga opened the pocket book at the buffet line that was the available free agents that winter and landed us our first World Series team in 1997.   I have never been more ready for the World Series to be over and the off-season to begin.

Till next week my friends.

Go Marlins!!!!

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