Uni Watch grades Marlins new jerseys

Over on uni-watch.com, Phil Hecken took a look at the Miami Marlins new jersey’s and gave them a grade. Here is a quick look at the uniforms one more time before I show you what grade Phil gave the Marlins uniform.

Overall, I’d give the uniforms a B+. Not because they’re great, but because they’re much more reflective of South Florida — the boldly colored “M” and wordmark are certainly unique without being completely overboard, and even though I hate softball tops, I hope to see that orange alt as often as possible next season. Good job, Miami Miamis, you’ve done South Florida proud.

I had no problem with Phil’s grade. I will mostly agree with him. I have nothing against the uniforms, actually, I am a fan of them. Of course except of this hat.

What do you guys think about the grade? Was it fair? Do you agree?

PS:This gets an F grade for sure.

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