Pujols, Reyes Free Agency Updates

Just before becoming the Miami Marlins, the Marlins offered Albert Pujols a contract offer. The only concrete detail of that offer was that the deal was 9-years in length. Up to this point, this may have been the only offer that Pujols and his agent have seen this off-season. Only two other teams are rumored to even be interested in Pujols right now. Those teams are the only team that he has ever played for, the St. Louis Cardinals, and that teams biggest rival, the Chicago Cubs. Due to the lack of Pujols activity, the Marlins still seem to be a legitimate contender for his services. If the Marlins truly did low ball Pujols with an offer, that move is a very smart one. No need to bid against ourselves. We will see if the Marlins are truly interested in Pujols’ services once he receives another offer that exceeds the offer the Marlins have made this off-season. Whatever happens should be interesting to see. I still see Pujols opening the 2012 season at the new Marlins ballpark, as an opponent.

Jose Reyes has been assumed to be the Marlins #1 priority this off-season. The Marlins plans are to sign Reyes, play him at short stop, and move incumbent short stop Hanley Ramirez to third. This plan could of course blow up in the Marlins face if they are not able to convince Hanley that he would be helping the team by moving to third. There is not much to update about the Reyes situation right now, but Jim Bowden posted a wonderful article (ESPN Insider Required) today about the Marlins needing to “pony up for Reyes” and putting everything else to the side for now. I could not agree more.

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