Billy the Marlin's New Clothes.

You guys know Billy the Marlin and you all know the story about his head.  Now bear witness to the sacred and awesome presence of the new Billy the Marlin:

Not bad, I’m totally digging the MC Hammer pants.

The rainbow fin……on the other hand….I could live without.

Then we have this:


I have discovered Billy’s new superpower……KILLING VAMPIRES!

This also keeps him safe while he is jogging at night.

At least he’s not also wearing that God-awful all orange hat with it…..being able to direct traffic from space is not necessary at this time.

Thanks to my friends at Marlin Nation via Facebook for the pictures.

Also some interesting news, according to Joe Capozzi via Twitter @JoecapMARLINS of the Palm Beach Post, free agent SS Jose Reyes will be in Miami tomorrow, not sure exactly why as details are still up in the air.

According to Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel via Twitter @JCRMarlinsBeat. If, as rumored, Jose Reyes will be in Miami Thursday, his itinerary does NOT Include a visit with the Marlins.

Are you cross-eyed yet?  Anyway, if something’s up, be assured we here at Marlin Maniac will keep you up to speed.

Till next week boys and girls….

Go Marlins!!!!

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