Winter Meetings Are Here!

Fasten your seat belt folks, the winter meetings are here! Beginning December 5th and going to the 8th, baseball fan’s everywhere will be tuned into the action. We as fans of the Miami Marlins should be very anxious and excited over the next few days. Hearing rumors of a possible Reyes and Buehrle deal, we should all tune in throughout the week as the action unfolds. For once in a blue moon, the Marlins are aggressively pursuing a number of high profile targets, and the winter meetings can help them take another step closer to ensuring a promising season.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with baseballs winter meetings, I will inform you with a little background knowledge. The meeting is being held in Dallas, Texas and will include all 30 teams and their officials. Along with the major league teams, more than 160 minor league teams will be present as well. Other guests include major and minor league baseball related officials, agents, and chairman. For fans like us, we tune in regularly with the hope of trades and deals being made. During the meetings, deals can be reached easier because of the easy and convenient presence of other teams and players officials. However, deals and trades are not the only topics discussed during the meetings. Other topics such as equipment issues, attendance, financial status’s, and other elements that can used to improve the game are discussed and planned around.

Through all the business matters, the winter meetings also provide a great social atmosphere. This is a time where many baseball officials can meet with and talk to each other on a personal basis. The meetings can be used to start friendships, carry on friendships, and rekindle friendships of the past. Personally, I consider the winter meetings to be like a “Thanksgiving” for major league baseball. It is a time where everyone comes together to benefit from each others presence. As a marlin fan, I am super excited for the meetings and hope we come out with good news. I will be covering the progress of the meetings all week on my twitter, @WillStanifer, so be sure to check in!

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