Christmas in Miami

Editors Note: MarlinManiac wishes all its readers a Merry Christmas. We hope you guys enjoyed your holiday’s. Today we will get back to our regular schedule of posting.

Hello Marlin Maniacs! I hope everyone has had a great holiday break because I know I have! While baseball is fun to follow, spending time with family and friends has been much needed. With saying that, baseball is a year round job for me and there is never a dull moment. Christmas is a special time of year where many gifts are given and received. Today we will look at some gifts the Marlins were fortunate enough to recieve this year.

A New Stadium- FINALLY. The dreadful baseball experience at Sun Life Stadium is over. No longer do we have to sit at an angle to watch a baseball game. No longer do we have to stare at a tore up outfield, a poorly put together infield, and nasty dugouts. The Miami Marlins have finally been blessed with a new stadium to call home. Not only has the stadium caught the eye of several free agents, but it brings excitement and energy to a team that needs it bad. With a new baseball enviroment, fan attendance will sky rise and the team energy will increase. Believe it or not, a better environment can AND WILL improve a team. Finally, a baseball stadium to call home.

New Stadium


A New Look- While controversy has been made, the fish changed their look completely. Gone are the F-fish logo’s, we now sport the M representing Miami. With new flashy colors and uniforms, the fish have caught the eye of almost every fan “good and bad”. Sporting white, grey, black, and orange uniforms, the Marlins defintly added some flavor in the jerseys. Hate them or love them, the uniforms stand out and bring a change.


3 New Presents- Miami, welcome 3 new residents. Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, and Heath Bell were all signed by the Miami Marlins. Jose Reyes, the returning batting crown champion, brings an excellent bat, solid glove, and great energy to a team that needs it most. Mark Buehrle adds a lefty to a rotation that needs one for the stacked NL East. Mark eats a lot on innings and brings a veteran presence to the clubhouse. Bell solidifies the 9th inning for the fish as he brings a live arm and a talent of getting outs. The fish finally have a consistent closer that we no longer have to hold our breath on.


Hope- With new jerseys, a new stadium, and new players we fans now have hope. Honestly, we all know that last years team was not capable of winning a championship. Fast forward to today and I say our chances have rocketed up. I am not saying that we are a championship caliber team, but we have improved. As an organization, improvement year to year is necessary, so it’s nice to see us taking the right steps.

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