1997 v. 2003: Second Base Results

We will continue today on the Marlins 1997 v. 2003 series. We have already done the catcher and first base positions. Here is a quick look at what the team looks like thus far:

So who is the Marlins World Series second baseman? Drum roll please:
The winner is: Luis Castillo!

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Poll Answers

Answer No. Answer Text No. Of Votes
Answer 1 6
Answer 2 15

Total Votes: 21
Total Voters: 21
Luis Castillo won 71% of the votes. If playing time were equal, Castillo and Craig Counsell would have had very similar overall numbers. Of course, you cannot take it away from Castillo that he did play a full season and Counsell did not.
Castillo actually began the season as the second baseman on both teams. He and Jeff Conine were the only Marlins to be on both World Series teams.
I will open up another poll later today for Marlins 1997 v. 2003 Best World Series Third Baseman later tonight, Bobby Bonilla versus Mike Lowell.

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