Miami Marlins Off Season Update: Prince Fielder

The Yu Darvish deadline was supposed to clear the air on which team was going to land Prince Fielder. If the Texas Rangers signed Darvish, they would be out of the derby. Unfortunately, the air never cleared, the Rangers signed Darvish, and Fielder’s future is as foggy as ever.

The question remains, where will Prince Fielder be in 2012 and beyond?That question is something I cannot answer. I can tell you guys one thing though, Prince Fielder will not be a Miami Marlin in 2012.

Yesterday, on 790 The Ticket, Marlins president David Sampson told listeners that the Marlins are “still not in on Fielder.” He cited the length of the contract the money obligation. Sampson also cited that the Marlins see Yoennis Cespedes as a more logical fit on the team.

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