Lebron James pummels Jeffery Loria

Miami fans were buzzing during the second quarter of the Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game. No, it was not because of Kobe Bryant or the much anticipated return of the great Eddy Curry. Miami Marlins fans were rejoicing on twitter because Miami Heat superstar Lebron James pummeled Marlins owner Jeffery Loria. Here is the clip of what happened.


Loria was attending the game with his wife and Marlins President David Sampson. It is rumored that Lebron told Loria to sign Prince Fielder in their encounter, but I could not confirm these rumors.

The funniest part for me was that Lebron actually did not recognize who Loria was. When told who he ran into was, Lebron told Sager that he needs to get himself a Miami Marlins’ hat for himself. He then told Sager that he was wearing Marlins colors, which means Lebron also does not know the Marlins dropped the teal.

Here are some Marlins fans reactions to Lebron pummeling Loria:











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