Miami Marlins Are the Worst Thing Ever? Yeah Right

Al Yellon is a closet Miami Marlins fan. He wants to buy a Marlins jersey and has memorabilia from the Marlins 2003 World Series. Problem is, he is also a Chicago Cubs fan. If you watched the 2003 playoffs, you can see the dilemma here.

Al posted an article on Saturday calling the Miami Marlins the worst thing ever. I do not know about you guys, but I can name a lot of stuff worse. Has this guy seen Lebron James forehead?

This is what he had to say:

The Miami Marlins aren’t a baseball team, they’re a lounge act.

And they’re not one of the nightclub acts you line up to see. No, they’re a faded 1970s lounge act, long after the genre lost its popularity, with a singer wearing an orange sequined jacket, singing Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby songs off-key while the lone waitress, whose hair long ago ceased to be blonde but has been frosted that way anyway, serves drinks to fifty-something men who are trying to pretend they don’t have combovers.

This is all to preface this post, which I freely admit is going to be full of unreasonable dislike of the team from Miami. I can’t stand the Marlins or anything they represent.

Baseball teams win championships, do they not? Anyways, he makes mention of a lot of stuff Marlins fans hear every day. In fact, it is the same exact sentiments Marlins fans get mad about everyday. If you hate the Marlins front office, grab a ticket, join the line. The line sure is a long one.

Al went on to call out the Marlins team marketing department:

Seriously, what are these people thinking? That’s right: “tired lounge act.” As if that’s not enough,the team’s marketing department regularly taunts the Chicago Cubs whenever they come to town…

Seriously man? Your fans are the one that blames a goat for your lack of success. Yet he goes onto make fun of the Marlins attendance. My reaction, dude, it is better to have a fan base that does not show up to the game, rather then one that taunts a poor kid for trying to catch a foul ball. Or one that blames a goat for the fact that it cannot win a World Series.

I do not have anything against the Cubs fan base. I have a lot of friends that are Cubs fans (bless their souls.) This article just got me mad. I have

Here are some reactions from Fishstripes and Marlins Diehards.

That is all. Al is a very good writer and I enjoy his work. I did not like this post, that is the only reason I am calling him out.


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