Anibal Sanchez Wins Arbitration Case

Although Anibal Sanchez was hoping to sign a long term deal with the Miami Marlins, the starter will be pleased to learn that he won his arbitration case against the Marlins Friday. Sanchez was asking for $8 million while the Marlins countered with $6.9 million.

Anibal Sanchez’s arbitration award surpasses Jered Weaver ($7.365 million) as the highest ever awarded to a starting pitcher.

Sanchez is eligible for free agency after the season and the team has yet to approach him about an extension. It will be interesting to see how the Marlins handle this. Sanchez is likely to earn a lot of dough on the open market.

Next up for arbitration hearing for the Marlins is Emilio Bonifacio. Bonifacio’s hearing will be held Tuesday.


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