Update: Miami Marlins to be featured on Showtime's "The Franchise"

That’s right folks, get ready to be entertained.  Your Miami Marlins have been selected to be the featured team during the second season of Showtime’s hit series, “The Franchise.”  This updates my earlier post about the Marlins being in the running to be the featured team.

Image courtesy of "The Franchise" Facebook page

Fans of the team should be excited to see Jose Reyes cut his hair, they actually did film that and will be including it in the show.  Plus expect to see Logan Morrison tweet, Carlos Zambrano take his aggressions out on the live fish in those twin fish tanks behind home plate, and expect to see a lot of Mark Buehrle‘s dogs, I hear he has a plethora of Pit Bulls.

The star of the show will most certainly be manager Ozzie Guillen.  Guillen is no stranger to being the star of a show either having his 2009 Chicago White Sox team featured in MLB’s, “The Show.”

Are you looking forward to seeing your Miami Marlins featured on Showtime?  What are you looking forward to the most and least?  Which players are you looking forward to knowing more about on a more personal level?

No matter what happens this season on the field for the Marlins be assured that the level of drama you will see off the field will be just as entertaining.

Till next week kids.

Go Marlins!!!!



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