Feb 27 2012, Jupiter, FL, USA: Miami Marlins right fielder Mike Stanton (27) during photo day at Roger Dean Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE.

Miami Marlins 2012 Season Preview: Meet Giancarlo Stanton

Guess what Marlins fan? We have another player playing under a name that he was not given at birth.

Luckily, this guy was born in the United States and did not lie about his name and age. Who is this player?

It is no other then Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton.

That is the Marlins slugging right fielder. Giancarlo is the name Stanton went by until the 5th grade. But by the fifth grade, he decided to go by “Mike’’ because teachers and students kept mispronouncing his birth name.

It got really annoying having seven classes having to correct seven different people every single day. I figure if I have a unique name like that, I should not hide it.

Marlins players still have 25 other names that Stanton responds to, so he will not mind if you still want to call him Mike.

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