Infante rounds the bases after hitting his 5th homer of the season, the Marlins lone run Wednesday.(Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE(

Fish Get Caught in a Met

The Fish get Caught in a Met.

Some impressive (for the wrong reasons) factoids:  The Marlins are now 0-20 with runners in scoring position. Tuesday night, the Marlins earned the dubious distinction of being the first team in MLB history to have four pitchers walk four consecutive batters in four at-bats.  We’re hitting .148 over the last four games.  Pedro Cerrano hit better than we’re hitting right now, before he turned his back on Jobu. As a team, we have to look into the hopeful distance to see the Mendoza Line.



We’re not hitting.  We’re not getting on base.  We’re not scoring runs.  Our bullpen is a sieve for late-game runs. The ball isn’t bouncing in our favor. But, our starting pitchers are throwing legendary ball.

Last night, R.A. Dickey pulled the wool over our eyes.  Giancarlo Stanton hadn’t seen an ace knuckleballer before, and he was completely bamboozled.

The game was a near mirror-image of Tuesday, and of the games against the Nationals.  Great pitching shuts us down, and our great pitching keeps it close through the seventh.  Then, our bullpen stumbles in and we post another “L”.

Our starters are delivering some of the highest quality starts in baseball, and they  are being wasted on disappointing finishes.

There comes a time in the life of an optimist where the cold facts have to be faced.  Unless we can recover our confidence during the upcoming long home stand, I see trouble in the future.  We’re playing sub-.500 ball, and after tonight, confidence is at an ebb.

Mark Buehrle pitched a workmanlike game, but he started the game letting batters get deep in the count.  He also gave up a two-run shot in the sixth.  Omar Infante is definitely over his pulled groin, as evidenced by the fifth-inning airmail he sent to the upper deck face in left field.



A matinee game Thursday closes the series against the Mets, and finishes a dismal road trip.  Ricky Nolasco is facing Jon Niese in an early afternoon game.

Is it time for Ozzie to start making changes?  Maybe a minor change.  Let Emilio Bonifacio lead off, and let Jose Reyes hit the 2-hole.  Gaby Sanchez is producing well, so it’s not time to make the move to put Logan Morrison at first.  Ozzie said it well in the post-game interview.  Don’t get anxious, and start getting better at-bats.

I firmly believe that this is a slump that will pass. Whether we need to toss a pinch of salt over our shoulder, or sacrifice a bucket of KFC, we need to shake off the megrims.  I think we need to come home on a positive note.

Marlins by two tomorrow.

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