May 16, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Miami Marlins relief pitcher Heath Bell (21) celebrates with catcher John Buck (14) after closing the game against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. The Marlins beat the Braves 8-4. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Game Recap: Tweets From Last Night's Marlins-Braves Game

Nothing makes me happier than when the Miami Marlins beat the Atlanta Braves on their own turf like we did Wednesday night with a beautiful 8-4 gem tossed by Mark Buehrle.  The, “Ted” as it is affectionately referred to around Atlanta faithful has never been kind to the Marlins.  Well, unless of course you count its inaugural season in which the Marlins bested the Braves in six games to win the 1997 NLCS.

My intolerable hatred towards the Braves is well documented here so we will not go down that rabbit hole again.  What I really want to do is re-post some of my favorite @ManOfTeal tweets from last nights game.  So here you go.


Giancarlo Stanton celebrates his big two-run home run in the seventh inning with Emilio Bonifacio. (Image: Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE)


I tweeted this right at the beginning of last night’s game.

Let’s go #Marlins!!!! Beat those evil #Braves.

Every year, and because I live in Atlanta, whenever the Marlins play the Braves the Fox Sports Marlins broadcast gets blacked out locally on my MLB ExtraInnings package from DirecTV so I am forced to listen to the Braves broadcast on Sport South.  Here is my tweet from that:

So pissed I have to listen to the #Braves broadcast because Rich and Tommy on #FSMarlins are blacked out here. #Marlins

I tend to take jabs at Braves players:

YAY! #Braves, your mongoloid first baseman can catch a ball….YAY!


SIT DOWN UGGLA!!! He makes the women in Miami want to puke. #Marlins#Braves

and sometimes I have to defend my tweets:

@Brava10 @FredEOwens I ALWAYS attack Uggla. Ed Hardy wears Dan Uggla shirts.

I have to throw this one in there:

#Marlins are on a scalp hunt. First the #Braves, then the #Indians. #ChopThis!

Then this happened:

Bonifacio steals #20 for the year. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO HEEM!!!! #Marlins

Then I try to incite a mass Marlin fan trolling of the Braves broadcasters:

Fellow #Marlins fans!!!!! The #Braves are having Twitter Wednesday……..GET EM!!!! @FSBraves


@FSBraves Why are there no fans in the stadium? I thought this was a first place team.


That’s it, I’m taking a shot every time a #Braves announcer talks about how big #MarlinsPark is. This should be fun.

Then I taunt the Braves announcers, because they are REALLY starting to irritate me:

#Braves announcers……your blind optimism astounds me….#Marlins

And then I taunt the Braves fans, who are also getting on my nerves at this point:

I know why there are no #Braves fans at the game….They got tired of doing that stupid tomahawk chop circa 1999. #Marlins

Then the Braves announcer, apparently aware of my taunts, respond to it on the air, to which I reply:

OMG!!!! It’s like the #Braves announcers are taunting me. Mentioned something about optimism. Touche’

Then I try to calm everybody down:

@atownbrown08 I think it’s time we both settle down and realize it’s just a game.

Then Giancarlo Stanton hits a homerun:

BOOM! STANTON GOES YARD! #Marlins 8 #Braves 4

And I taunt the Braves fans again:

Dear #Braves, Florida State called, they want their war chant back. #Marlins


Remember when Matt Diaz was a threat? Neither do I. #marlins

And then Livan Hernandez comes in to pitch for the Braves and I tweet:

Remember when Livan got like 14 strikeouts against the #Braves in the 1997 NLCS? I do. #Marlins

Then in the 9th I put all of my faith in Heath Bell:

In Heath Bell we trust. Don’t screw this up. #Marlins

And then, finally:

#Marlins WIN! By a score of 8-4. #Braves Go #Marlins!!!! Sweep tomorrow!!!


I hope you enjoyed reliving the game as much as I have.

Till next week kids.

Go Marlins!!!!


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