Miami Marlins: A brief look at the rest of the schedule

After 75 games, the Marlins’ record stands at 35-40 heading into this weekend’s home stand against the Phillies. One of the worst months in team history is coming to a close and the season’s half-way mark is approaching. As Michael Jong over at Fishstripes noted, the month was filled with a bevy of difficult opponents. To look forward, then, the following is a list of teams the Marlins will to face the rest of the way.

Team Games Against
Atlanta 13
Washington 13
Philadelphia 12
New York 12
Milwaukee 8
Los Angeles Dodgers 6
Colorado 4
Arizona 4
St. Louis 3
Chicago Cubs 3
Pittsburgh 3
Cincinnati 3
San Diego 3


Of the 13 opponents, 8 (Atlanta, Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Cincinnati) currently have a record above .500. 51 of the 87 (59 percent) remaining games come against those opponents. Of course, a team like Philadelphia should be expected to have a stronger second half than first with the return of Chase Utley and at some point Ryan Howard and Roy Halladay. For better or worse, the Marlins will play 23 of their remaining 50 games against division opponents in September and the first week of October alone.

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