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Good Morning!  On the last day of the series with the Nationals, I thought a look around the baseball world might prove an entertaining way to start off the week. Most of these links are Marlins-related, so the entertainment value might be questionable; I guess it’s a bit like ripping off a Band-aid.


Ozzie Guillen didn’t care for Bryce Harper’s application of pine tar. Hilarity ensues.

Aggressive, heads-up baserunning is such a treat to watch. With the return of Emilio Bonifacio to the lineup, keep your eyes open for a play like this at Marlins Park.  Let’s hope we’re in the bottom half of the inning when it does.

Another look at the Carlos Lee deal, and who we gave up for him.  SI’s Jay Jaffe isn’t too thrilled with Lee, but has a pretty good take on who we gave up to sign him.

SB Nation:  the Marlins are a train wreck. Seriously?  The time to rehash the Guillen/Castro flap passed a couple of months ago.

Uh-oh: Trouble with JCO? Damn.  I was hoping he’d come back ready to settle the closer situation.


As always, comments are welcome.  Enjoy your week!



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