March 6, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Marlins president David P. Samson fields questions from reporters before a spring training game against he Miami Hurricanes at Marlins Park. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE



One dictionary defines a tribulation as a “state of great trouble or suffering.” From a fan’s standpoint, this season, with the notable exception of May, has been a tribulation.


Compounding the misery of watching the formerly languishing Phillies make a wild-card run, the end-of-season finger-pointing is rising from its slumber.  MLB Trade Rumors has a snippet today that highlights some comments from David Samson regarding the futures of Larry Beinfest and Ozzie Guillen.  Reading his comments, I can’t help but see Eric Idle’s ascot-wearing mid-‘70’s hipster denying, and then affirming the sexual innuendo of his questions about whether Terry Jones’ stuffy character’s wife is a “goer” or not.


I know Samson gets pounded by the press every day.  So does Ozzie, and so does Jeff Loria.  The thing for the Marlins to do right now is to clam up until the winter meetings in December.  I’ll take it a step further and say that the executive suite shouldn’t make any decisions until they go to Nashville.


Waiting to make a decision serves a couple of purposes.  First, it gives everyone a chance to step back and take a colder look at the factors that may or may not have contributed to the final win/loss record for 2012.  Was it bad managing?  Pack your bags, Ozzie.  Bad trades? Security will walk you to your car, Mr. Beinfest (the old plumber’s adage about the direction of the flow of effluent applies.  Loria will fire neither himself nor his adopted son). Bad joss in the clubhouse?  That’s a problem for Magic Johnson now.


Waiting for the winter meetings will also let the impetuous clubs make whatever stupid mistakes that impetuous clubs make.  Will Theo Epstein be back on the market?  Bobby Valentine might, but I’d advocate against that move, for sure.  What hitting coaches might become available?  The Dodgers have a lock on spectacular deep-pocket headlines right now, but there is a groundswell of thinking that says the days of huge long-term contracts for peaking elite players may be drawing to a close. Kevin Youkilis might be had for a bargain, giving the Marlins a steady, if aging, third baseman.


As a fan with a loooong history of rooting for teams stuck in the doldrums for decades (Redskins, Orioles), I really don’t relish the idea of piling on this season’s misery by watching the corner office wail, gnash its teeth, and hand out emotionally charged,  ill-considered pink slips in an effort to be seen doing something.


To paraphrase the old bull speaking to the young bull, walk, don’t run, to the winter meetings, and have your way with ‘em all.


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