2013 March Madness Bracket: Complete Printable Tournament Field

March Madness is finally here!

I do not often spend much time on Marlin Maniac talking about other sports, but today I wanted to bring to your attention some exciting news about the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

This is the perfect way to pass time until Opening Day arrives in just two short weeks. Especially since Spring Training games mean very little.

There is something about the NCAA Tournament that gets sports fan everywhere excited and brings people together. With this year’s tournament field now completely unveiled, it’s time for the madness to begin and what better way to get in the spirit than by filling out a bracket for this year’s event.

And we’ve made it easy for you, just download a full bracket here.

Each year, millions of people fill out brackets. People do it for just fun competition or they try it out to beat their friends for some money. Either way, the competition for getting the most picks right on a bracket is always exciting.

This season, Florida fans should have more interest, as they have two of the better teams in the tournament: The University of Miami (2 seed) and the University of Florida (3 seed).

Have some fun with your friends and fill out a bracket today!

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